Find Out Why You Should Check Your Vehicle’s Oil Regularly

man checking vehicle oil level

man checking vehicle oil level

Your vehicle’s motor oil lubricates the engine, ensuring that all the moving parts work as they should. While you know you should change your oil regularly, you might not realize that checking it is important as well. Let’s go over some of the main reasons that you should check your vehicle’s oil regularly.

Check for Sludge

Your car burns some motor oil when you drive. However, the oil doesn’t disappear completely. Instead, it leaves behind a thick sludge. When the oil is sludgy, it cannot provide the proper lubrication, putting your engine in peril. If you check your oil regularly, you’ll know if you have a sludge buildup. Then you can take it in for an oil change before you experience problems.

Make Sure You Have Enough Oil

Most cars maintain proper oil levels between oil changes, but that isn’t always the case. At any point, your engine can start burning an excessive amount of oil. If the oil gets too low, you’ll need to top it off to prevent catastrophic engine damage. The damage might be so significant that you’ll have to replace the engine. Fortunately, this is avoidable by checking your oil regularly.

Ensure You’re Getting Your Oil Changed Often Enough

Your owner’s manual contains information about how often you should get oil changes. However, your driving style might cause you to burn through oil faster than most. For instance, if you make lots of short trips, you’ll need more frequent oil changes than if you do a lot of long drives that don’t require much stopping and starting. By checking your oil frequently, you’ll know if you need to adjust your oil change schedule. If it typically runs low or develops a sludge buildup, you can get more frequent oil changes.

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You Might Discover an Issue

Checking your oil can also help you uncover issues before they get bigger. For example, if your oil is continuously low, your engine’s components could be worn, or you might have another problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new engine, but you might include oil additives when changing the oil. Finding this type of problem early on can make the difference between breaking down and having a reliable vehicle.

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