Have A Perfect Movie Night With These Tips

watching tv with popcorn

watching tv with popcorn

Family movie nights are a great way to relax and bond with the people you love. It can be especially relaxing after a busy week of rushing around. Instead of piling everyone into the car to head out for an evening in Ayden, NC, make plans to stay in and make memories. Try these tips to help you have the perfect movie night.

Schedule It

Taking time to be with your family is vital, but it’s too easy to let other things get in the way. Put your movie night on the calendar and tell everyone to be there or be square.

Gather Your Snacks

Movie night is supposed to be fun, so you don’t want to spend too much time preparing the food. Of course, the best part about having a movie night at home is that you can have precisely the snacks you like. You can have lasagna, boiled shrimp, or a giant bowl of gummy bears. The sky, or your imagination, is the limit. In fact, you could even make food that relates to the movie that you picked. Don’t forget everyone’s favorite drinks.

Choose a Movie

The kind of movie you choose will depend on your family’s tastes and the ages of everyone watching. You could try polling everyone in the family. Then, write everyone’s choices on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Draw a slip and watch the winner. Or, choose a mystery movie and don’t tell anyone what it will be. You can give them clues with the snacks you serve or hints during the week to see if they guess correctly.

Make It Comfy

You’ll need to decide where you’ll watch your movie. If the weather is nice and you have a projector, you can set it up outside to watch. Just check with the neighbors first. Or, find a room inside your home and prep it for movie fun. For example, bring in extra pillows and blankets to make the space more comfy and cozy.

Or, Make It a Theater

If you really want an authentic movie theater experience, arrange your room like a theater. Line the chairs or couch up. Then, bring in plants or make decorations for the walls. In addition, you can add battery-powered touch lights or flashlights to make it look more real. Then, have family members present “tickets” for admission. Finally, serve movie theater snacks like popcorn and boxes of candy.

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Make Plans to Do It Again

When you try out a movie night, you might realize you enjoy it as much or more at home. Make movie night a regular way to connect or reconnect with your family and find calm after a challenging week. And rotate the movies you watch, so there’s always something new to look forward to. Now showing: Your Family Movie Night!

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