Prepare Your Yard For Spring

Ground level view of a recently cut and well maintained ornamental grass

Ground level view of a recently cut and well maintained ornamental grass

It’s never too early to get ahead when it comes to taking care of your lawn. If you wait too late, you could have a full season of dead grass. Colder weather can leave your yard in a weak state, so take advantage of this time by preparing your yard for spring with these tips from Sears Home Services, and watch the fruits of your labor all season long!

First Things First

Before you get started with any treatment for your lawn, you’ll need to clean it up. Clear your yard of fallen leaves and branches that may be crowding your space. You can do this by raking up the debris or using an air blower.

Treat and Fight

Now it’s time to treat your lawn with fertilizer, pre-emergent, and weed killer. Fertilizer feeds your dead grass and pre-emergent prevents certain weeds, such as crabgrass. In six to eight weeks, add fertilizer and pre-emergent to your yard again along with a broadleaf weed killer. This will help you bring life to your yard and keep the weeds you don’t want out. If you have grass that won’t grow, don’t seed until the fall. Putting down seed won’t work with the pre-emergent and weed killer. Any spots that aren’t growing should be filled with fertilizer. If you have big patches, you can fill them with sod.

Time to Mow

Did you know there is a method to how much you should mow? If you don’t mow enough in the spring, you will stunt the growth of your grass when you do mow. Instead, you should mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring. This will give you a luscious lawn that will be healthy all season long.

Bring in the Mulch

Your yard probably already has areas with mulch. Now is the time to replace that with fresh mulch. Try using a hardwood bark mulch over ground wood chips that have been dyed brown. This will give you the style aspect as well as the longevity you are looking for.

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Once you have set the groundwork, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your gorgeous yard!

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