Shop ‘Til You Drop At Artisans In Greenville

Shopping time. Young women shopping together. Consumerism, fashion, lifestyle

Shopping time. Young women shopping together. Consumerism, fashion, lifestyle

Are you tired of running from store to store and want to find everything in one place? That’s not a problem when you shop at Artisans Decorative Accessories and Fine Gifts in Greenville. The 12,000 square foot store features more than 75 exclusive shops, each independently owned. The stores are filled with a variety of items, ranging from accessories and apparel to gardening supplies and gourmet goods. Plus, it has tons of gifts for practically every occasion. Whether you are looking for yourself or someone else, a trip to Artisans is in order. Before you head over, get some details about this massive shopping facility.

Unique Items for Sale

Artisans stands out in part due to the unique merchandise. While department stores tend to carry the same items, you’ll find stuff that isn’t available anywhere else here. Some of the things come from local crafters who are beyond talented. If you are looking for something that has everything, you’re sure to find a unique gift here. Plus, you’ll leave with some stuff for yourself, too.

New Merchandise Each Week

Another reason to love Artisans is you can go back each week and find something new. The stores add new items each week, and not just a thing here or there. In fact, there are so many new items weekly that you can easily fill your car with shopping bags each time you go.

Shopping for a Gift? Get it Wrapped

Even if you have a talent for wrapping gifts, it’s not a fun chore. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that when shopping at Artisans. Instead, the staff will wrap up your gifts for you, so you can give them to the recipient when you leave. The gift wrapping is professional and is sure to impress your friend or family member. And then they’ll be even more impressed when they see what’s inside.

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Grab a Deal on Facebook Live

Are you looking for some great deals? You’ll find just that when you participate in Artisan’s Facebook Live Sale every Tuesday at 7 p.m. First, join Artisans’ Facebook Live VIP Group. It’s free to join, and it’ll give you access to fantastic deals, giveaways, and more. When you log in, you don’t just have to sit back and listen. You’ll be an active participant in the live show, so feel free to ask questions. The store might be huge, but the staff knows their inventory well and can help you find the ideal merchandise.

It’s easy to see why Greenville residents adore Artisans. From the merchandise to the live shows and deals, it checks all the boxes. Head over so you can get your shopping fix in one spot.

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