11 Activities For Your Little Ones This Summer

Little boy and girl exploring the world with grass and magnifying glass.

If you have toddlers or preschool-aged kids at home, you know that keeping them entertained requires a lot of activities. The next time you need a fun way to keep the kids occupied, try one of these 11 hands-on activities!

Eric Carle-Inspired Craft

Kids love to craft and be hands-on, and it’s even better when you can connect the activity to a book. Pick up a copy of The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle, and make this sweet buggy craft as you read and learn.

Shaving Cream Sand

Sensory activities are a great way to help little ones develop and have fun at the same time. Set up a bin of play sand and let them/help them add shaving cream to the mix. They’ll have a ton of fun playing around in this mixture!

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Is there a more perfect kid-friendly combination than rainbows and bubbles? We didn’t think so! Make a homemade bubble machine to save money and plastic by recycling materials from around the house.

Tongs And Water Play

Like the shaving cream and sand, this activity is fun and encourages development. Adding objects and tongs to a bucket of water will help develop your little ones’ fine motor skills and keep them cool and entertained.

Create A Beach

A few low-cost supplies and a little bit of water will keep kiddos occupied and help them learn about the ocean all at once. Fill a bin with sand, aquarium rocks, ocean-life figurines, and some water for this beachy activity.

Ice Bin Transfer

On super hot days, this chilly activity will help everyone stay cool while they play. Fill a plastic bin with plenty of ice and some plastic figurines (may we recommend the ocean toys from the play beach?). You can tint the water with a little food coloring and let little hands cool off and explore.

Rain Painting

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean there arent’ any fun activities to do for the day. A few art supplies and raindrops can make splatter-like paintings and brighten even the dreariest of days.

Seashell Exploration Tray

Exploration trays are a great way to keep littles focused on a single activity. This beach-themed one uses seashells, a tray, and a plastic magnifying glass to help kids learn about shells and nature.

Homemade Paint

For the truly brave of heart, there’s this homemade paint recipe, which uses flour, water, and food coloring to create a safe, non-toxic and easy cleanup paint. Be sure to use this one outside!

Helicopter Seed Dragonfly Craft

As the weather starts to cool down, collect the helicopter seeds from your yard and use them to make this sweet dragonfly craft.

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Water Beads

If you haven’t tried water beads with your littles yet, now is the perfect time! They encourage sensory exploration and are tons of fun. Be sure to only use these with kids who are old enough to know not to eat them!

Which of these hands-on activities will you and your kids try first?

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