Get The Easy-To-Maintain Ford Edge

Get The Easy To Maintain Ford Edge

Owning a new vehicle can be a lot of fun. When you buy a new vehicle, however, you want to spend your time driving it. You should not have to worry about paying for repairs on a new vehicle. That is why the Ford Edge is a top choice for motorists. The midsize SUV has received numerous accolades and is considered one of the most dependable and easiest-to-maintain vehicles on the market. Learn more about the easy-to-maintain Ford Edge.

Low Maintenance & Repair Costs

Consumer Reports analyzed 10 years of maintenance and repair data to find out which vehicles cost the least to maintain. According to the data, the Ford Edge is one of the most affordable. Consumers can expect to spend an average of three thousand nine hundred and ten dollars on maintenance and repairs over ten years. That breaks down to a mere three hundred and ninety-one dollars a year. Moreover, Consumer Reports gives the Edge high marks in fuel economy so that you can save at the pump with this sport utility vehicle.

Get the Same Dependability With a Pre-owned Ford Edge

Right now, everyone is talking about the recently released list from Consumer Reports, but that is far from the only recognition the Ford Edge has received. In fact, even the pre-owned Ford Edge has received tons of praise.

For instance, the SUV came in third in the Midsize SUV category on J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. J.D. Power surveyed 30,062 original owners of 2020 vehicles. The owners had driven the vehicles for three years at the time of the survey and answered questions about the following:

  • Climate
  • Driving assistance
  • Driving experience
  • Exterior
  • Features/controls/displays
  • Infotainment
  • Interior
  • Powertrain
  • Seats

Consumer Reports also gave the pre-owned Ford Edge a shoutout. The non-profit organization named the 2020 Ford Edge one of the most reliable and safest three-year-old vehicles available. Once again, Consumer Reports mentioned the Ford Edge’s outstanding fuel economy and reliability rating. Also, it scored high marks in performance and safety features, including automatic emergency braking.

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Find the Edge in Ayden

The Ford Edge is a smart choice for motorists who want to reduce repair and maintenance costs while receiving excellent fuel economy and cutting-edge features. This SUV is also a joy to drive and receives lots of praise from owners. You can also drive with the peace of mind that the Edge offers excellent safety features.  Checkout the Ford Edge for yourself in person by visiting Doug Henry Ford of Ayden in Ayden, North Carolina. The a member of the sales team will happily show you both new and pre-owned options as well as go over the features with you. The sales rep will also answer any questions you may have about the Edge or any other model on the lot. Then you can take the Ford Edge for a spin around Ayden.

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