Use Soft Touch Occasions For Your Party

Be honest with yourself for a second. Events are fun to host but challenging to plan. From finding the right venue to decorating and managing the guest list, all those details can cause you to lose sleep leading up to the big day. Fortunately, you can enjoy all the fun of hosting an event without that unnecessary stress by letting Soft Touch Occasions in Winterville, North Carolina, plan your next event for you. Sonja and her amazing crew are the best around. The team at Soft Touch Occasions has the know-how to plan any exciting event. Get the scoop to see why this is the event planner of choice for people like yourself living in and around the Ayden, North Carolina area.

No Event Is Too Big or Too Small

When Sonja, the owner of Soft Touch Occasions, says she can do it all, she is seriously not kidding. She is just as comfortable planning a child’s birthday party as she is with a large, elegant wedding.

For weddings, she offers three packages. You can hire her for wedding coordination, partial planning, or go all out with full planning. If you go with full planning, then she will take care of every last detail. That way you will not have to worry about anything.

She also has packages available for showers, birthday parties, and other celebrations. Each package has a starting price but might go up based on your specific needs. Sonja will go over the budget with you and let you know what you can get for that amount.

Finally, she can create a custom package just for you. First, she will need to learn more about the event and your budget. Then she will go over various options with you, ensuring you get the perfect package for your big day.

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Bring Your Vision to Life

You probably have a vision in your head for the event, but you are n0t sure how to bring it to life. Sonja works directly with her clients to ensure their vision comes through. Her creativity is unmatched, and it is incredible what she manages to pull off.

What if you do not already have a vision? That is not a problem, either. Sonja will be happy to take the lead and go over some ideas with you. She is so experienced that it does not take long for her to come up with various ideas so that you can pick the best one for your party or event.

Your next event will be a success if you use Soft Touch Occasions. It will be so successful that you will find yourself contacting Sonja each time you have an event coming up. Then you will join countless repeat customers who turn to Sonja for all their event planning needs.

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