Spend The Day Outdoors At Ayden District Park

green grass
When the weather is clear and the sun is out, it’s hard to stay indoors all day. If you’re looking for something fun to do out in the open air, plan to spend a sunny afternoon at Ayden District Park!

Fun at the Park

This local green space has something for everyone, with plenty of space and activities for all ages. Kids can romp around the playground with its slides and climbing features, while a splash pad offers outdoor fun as well as a great way to beat the heat when playing outside in the warm summer months. If you just want to take a stroll, the paved walking trail lets you walk around a section of the park and take in the lush scenery.

Outdoor Games

If you’re up for some friendly competition, you can also take advantage of the park’s wide variety of features and equipment. There are spaces set up for horseshoes as well as bocce ball, and you can also bring your discs for a game of disc golf at the park’s built-in course. If you’re a fan of regular frisbee, you could alternatively take to the expansive multipurpose fields to perfect your throws, while the fields also provide space to toss around a football, pass a soccer ball with friends, or just relax and have a picnic. You can even assemble teams and hit the sand for a game of beach volleyball

Disc Golf

When you arrive at the park, you might notice metal baskets set up around the space. Those are the “baskets,” or the targets of the park’s disc golf course. Just as in regular golf, the idea of the game is to “tee off” from the starting point, tossing your disc as close as you can get to the target until you can land a toss directly into the basket. The fewer tosses it takes to hit your target, the better your score will be. You’ll notice that the discs used in disc golf are designed differently than frisbees, as they can be smaller and denser since they’re not made to be caught.

Make Your Plans

Ayden District Park is located at 3869 Jolly Road, Ayden, North Carolina 28513. The park is generally open to the public from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day. Keep in mind that the park’s splash pad is seasonal, corresponding to local schools’ summer recess. It’s open from June 15 to August 22.

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