2018 Ford Fusion Vs 2018 Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus

If you’re looking for a new car, and you’ve settled on Ford, first off — great choice. You’ve already made the hardest choice, and the rest from here is pretty easy. No matter what class you’re looking into, there’s a Ford out there for you that’ll meet your exact needs. If you are struggling to make a decision on class, let’s take a look at two different models, both in different classes, but with the same pizazz Ford promises. The 2018 Ford Fusion and the 2018 Ford Focus are both great, but which is better?

On The Outside

Two different cars. Two different classes. Right off the bat, the obvious physical difference is that the Focus is smaller than the Fusion by about a foot in length and a few inches in width. To combat that, though, the Focus shows off a younger, sportier exterior that attracts a younger crowd. So one (the Focus) is more appealing to a younger buyer, while the other (the Fusion) is more appealing to a more mature buyer.

On The Inside

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. And with more space externally comes more space internally for the Fusion. Passengers have a bit more room, making the ride comfortable and enjoyable. A bonus for the Focus Hatchback, though, is extra cargo room, actually sailing past that of the Fusion, putting it on the map for road trips and weekend getaways. The interior of the Fusion is newer than the Focus’, and the materials inside are higher in quality. Both cars bring unique features to the table, it just depends on what you value most.

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What Matters Most

Both vehicles are full of the fun stuff: tech. They both have Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system, filled to the brim with Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay® so that you’re able to text, call, and change the music without ever losing focus. On top of that, both models have the availability for use of the FordPass mobile app. With FordPass you can start the car, unlock/lock your doors, and look for parking in advance all from your phone. The power is quite literally in your hands.

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