5 Foods That Will Help You Cool Down

cucumber and hummus snack

In Ayden, NC, like so many other places in the country, summertime brings many opportunities for fun and adventure. However, these months can also be uncomfortably hot. To contend with high temperatures and humidity, you’ll search for tricks to stay cool. Moreover, you may not have realized that what you eat can help you this summer. Certain foods can keep you from overheating and not feeling quite so hot. Add these to your meal rotation this summer.

Salad Greens

Whether or not you’re a big fan of salads, summertime is an excellent one for eating your greens. Iceberg lettuce is an effective heat-combatant. Since it’s 96% water, eating your share of salads can hydrate you well when it’s hot outside. Feel free to add other items to your salad. However, make sure iceberg lettuce makes up the bulk of it.


Speaking of salads, adding some sliced cucumbers makes a lot of sense when you want to be cooler. Not only is this crisp vegetable healthy, but it, too, has lots of water. Some cucumbers in a salad or by themselves can be quite refreshing when the sun is out, and the temperatures rise. You may even want to sprinkle some salt on your cucumber.

Chile Peppers

Next, and interestingly, chile peppers are a good way to cool down in the summer. This may seem counterintuitive that such a hot, spicy food would have this effect. But here’s what happens when you eat chile peppers: you sweat. When you sweat, your body naturally starts to cool. You will notice quickly how effective they are at beating the heat.


For people who have gardens at home, tomatoes are a must. They go well with so many other foods and dishes. Secondly, you’ll love the variety of tomatoes. When it comes to cooling down in the heat, tomatoes do as well as just about any food. They can also improve the health of your skin.

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Many people top their ice cream sundaes and other frozen treats with cherries. However, eating them by themselves can have a cooling effect as well. Furthermore, some Eastern medicine practitioners believe they can cool down the body. Other fruits can also help when you’re feeling hot. These include melons, grapes, and mangoes. Try including these at your summertime picnics and barbecues.

If you’re feeling too hot in the sizzling summertime temperatures this year, you can act and cool down. Of course, you may want to go for a swim or stay indoors or in the shade. But even what you eat can help you combat the scorching temperatures before cooler weather arrives. Eat these foods this summer and see what they can do for how you feel.

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