Freshen Up Your Space With These Air Quality Enhancements

Man replacing A/C filter for a home air conditioning system.Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, keeping the air inside your home clean is important. Thankfully, with these few easy tips, you’ll have clean air all year round!

Change Your Air Filters

It’s important to change your AC filter several times a year to ensure that it is able to fulfill its function of filtering out allergens and pollutants in the air. Not only does a dirty filter lead to the poor air quality inside, but it also can lead to extra wear and tear on your system. In addition to the air filter, check the other filters around your house, mainly the vacuum cleaner, dryer, and kitchen vents.

Check The Ducts

Every once in a while, you’ll need to have the ducts of your AC system inspected and cleaned to ensure that they are still in good working order. Even with regular filter changes, dust and dander will still accumulate in the vents to the point where it will reduce the air quality. Many home maintenance companies offer packages where you can have the filter changed and the ducts inspected/cleaned at regular points throughout the year to ensure fresh air in every season.

Use Kitchen Vents

If your stovetop has a vent system above it, use it! Whether you’ve accidentally burnt something or you just don’t want the smell of pan-fried fish to hang around the house for the next few days, kitchen vents are a great way to clear out unpleasant smells quickly. If you can open windows in your kitchen, that will help clear out the smells even faster!

Clean Rugs & Carpets

Rugs and carpets make any space feel more comfortable, cozy, and inviting, but they are also a magnet for dust, dirt, dander, allergens, and many other unwelcome particles. Vacuum your rugs weekly and have them cleaned a couple of times a year to ensure that they aren’t contributing to the poor air quality inside your home.

Add Some Green

Many houseplants actually work to improve the air quality in your home, and they look beautiful, too! Go for options like snake plants, ferns, and palms for the best air filtration.

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It gets humid here when the weather warms up, and the extra moisture in the air can spur the growth of allergy-irritating mold/mildew spores. With built-in or free-standing humidifiers in key living spaces like the family room and bathrooms, you can control the humidity inside your home, even when it’s muggy as can be outside!

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