Kick Off College Football Gameday With A Watch Party

watching college football

As the summer winds down, the kids return to school, the days grow a little shorter, and football season approaches. Soon college teams will kick off their season with new potential and returning superstar players. Of course, you must celebrate your team and start the season right! Here are some tips for kicking off college football gameday with a watch party.

Get Your Wi-Fi Right

Nobody wants to miss that clutch throw or the game-saving play. Ensure your Wi-Fi is up to speed and ready for the big day. While you can’t control everything, you can ensure the router is in good condition and unobstructed. And put some fresh batteries in that TV remote, too.

The Energy to Keep Cheering

A watch party isn’t much fun without some good eats. There are many ways you can incorporate snacks and meals to fit themes for your party. Perhaps you will serve foods that echo your team’s colors, or you might prefer snacks that go along with a broader football theme. In addition, many people love to grill or tailgate at home. If you’re going to grill, check your grill ahead of time and make sure you can quickly light it on game day.

Think About Your Attendees

Are your friends and family serious nail-biters who won’t budge from the TV? Or are they the type that likes to chat and move around during the game? Think about who is attending your watch party. If you’re hosting people who won’t even get up to use the restroom, you probably want to have the food within arm’s reach and background noise kept to a minimum. However, if you’re hosting people who love to move around or if you’re tailgating outside, you can follow a looser format.

The Perfect Setup

If you have a large TV, you probably don’t need any additional TV screens to allow everyone to get a good view. But if you’re hosting a large crowd or you have a smaller TV, then a second TV screen could help ensure nobody misses a play. In addition, you may want to have a laptop or tablet around so people can look up stats or see how other teams around the country are doing.

Also, think about how you’ll decorate your space. Some people like to go all-out and put up tons of football or team-themed decorations. Taking a few moments to deck out your room can set the mood and make the entire party more festive and enjoyable.

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Wrap It Up

Finally, have a plan for when the game is over. You may want to continue the party for as long as people want to stay, or you might need to wrap things up as soon as the game ends. Plan for the after-party ahead of time. In fact, you might want to have two plans—one for if your team wins and one for if they don’t.

A watch party is a great way to celebrate college football and get together with your favorite people. Mark the kick-off in style with a well-planned party that everyone will love.

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