Deep Clean These Hiding Spots In Your Home

woman in white apron cleaning shower

While not many say they enjoy cleaning, there is definitely some satisfaction in the results. But whether you like it or not, it’s essential to do a deep clean in many areas of your home. Having a plan and a list can help you avoid missing key areas and make the process more efficient. Deep clean these hiding spots in your home and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Bathroom Beat

There’s no question that you need to target specific areas in the bathroom for your deep clean. And while you might already be on top of wiping down the mirrors and counter, you’ll want to do a thorough job on a few other spots. First, take a look at your shower curtain. You might need to launder the outer curtain, especially if it is a fabric that can collect dust and germs. If you have an inner liner, you can sometimes wipe it clean or run it through the washer. If not, then it’s time to replace it. Other frequently overlooked deep clean spots are the grout and the entire toilet — not just the top half.

The Kitchen Catch-All

Grease, dust, and food combine to create a residue that can make some fixtures and areas dirty in your kitchen. Stay on top of the grime by targeting spots like the inside and outside of the range hood. Frequently wiping the hood down will prevent sticky grime from gaining a foothold. And while you’re in the neighborhood, why not tackle the oven as well. Wipe down the top, front, and sides, and then peek inside. Scrape out any food particles, and then check your owner’s manual for the best cleaner option. Finally, take a look inside your dishwasher and microwave. Wipe them down to keep the insides fresh and odor-free.

Don’t Overlook the Dusty Blinds

Cleaning the blinds can be tedious, but you should tackle this job a few times a year. Blinds can gather grime like other areas of the house, and the longer you wait, the harder they are to clean. Mix a solution of vinegar and water and wet dust the blinds. Then use vinegar in a spray bottle to wipe your windows clean. You’ll be surprised how much this chore can brighten up the room.

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Back to Baseboards

Easily one of the most overlooked areas, your baseboards can get dusty and dirty, too. Simply use an old rag and a vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle to spray and wipe the dust and cobwebs away. Once you get started, you’ll realize how easy this job really is.

By making a checklist for each room, you’ll ensure you get all the deep cleaning done, and you’ll get the job accomplished more efficiently. And once start, you’ll find yourself falling into a rhythm. Once you’ve finished, sit back and enjoy your sparkling home.

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