DIY Halloween Costumes For All Ages

When it’s time to trick or treat for Halloween, it’s easy to turn to the store for a ready-made costume. But often, you risk meeting another person in the same costume. And it can be more fun to craft a unique costume at home that better fits your personality. In addition, DIY costumes can allow you to develop a theme with your friends or family. Try these DIY costume ideas for Halloween that can work for all ages.

Little Red Riding Hood

If you like bringing your pup along for Halloween trick-or-treating, consider this costume idea. Of course, your dog can be the “big, bad wolf” while someone plays Little Red Riding Hood. If you have more people who want to get in on it, have someone dress up as grandma or the woodcutter.

The Cutest Crayons

Each person who is going as a crayon can choose a color. Then, break out the hot glue gun. You can use black felt for the shirt to make the crayon label. In addition, your glue gun comes to the rescue when you make your hat that will look like the tip of the crayon. For this part, you can use construction paper and ribbon to tie it in place. Pants in the same color as your shirt, or black, complete the look.

Garden Gnomes

The best part about doing garden gnome costumes is that you can probably find most of what you need in your own closet. But if you don’t have suspenders or other ‘gnome attire,’ a quick visit to the thrift store is sure to turn up great options. In addition, grab some red felt to craft the iconic, conical hats. And everyone can be their own type of gnome if you want to go as a family or group.

Party Animals

Halloween is a great opportunity to use your funny bone. This costume is as simple as wearing your best party outfit and adding a few accessories. In fact, you can use face paint and simple animal ears to turn yourself into a party animal. Then, add a party hat.

Monkey Business

Go from work to working it on Halloween with this fun costume. You’ll need a business suit, a briefcase, a cute stuffed monkey, and maybe a banana for extra effect. Of course, you can go the extra step and wear a monkey costume with a suit over it. And this pun gets even punnier when you scale it down to kid-sized.

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Sheet Ghosts

The old standby gets a chic update when you go as sheet ghosts with floral or funny sheet prints. And you can make this costume for everyone in your family for only a few dollars. In fact, you’ll likely find great sheet options at the thrift store. Then, simply cut eye holes.

Don’t be afraid to get creative this Halloween with your costumes. DIY costumes are fun and make good use of things you may have around the house already. And people will appreciate the humor and originality. Happy Halloween!

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