Halloween Costumes For Your Furry Friend

Photo of costumed dog on Halloween

Have you already chosen your Halloween costume? If you have, you’re probably pretty excited to wear it. But what about your furry friend? Don’t they deserve an outfit too? Even if you’re staying in on Halloween and don’t even have a costume for yourself, you may want to consider getting one for your dog. They are sure to love it, and you won’t believe just how cute they look. Check out these costume ideas for your puppers, and see which ones they might like most. Order it and get ready to take lots of pictures!


If you want to keep it simple, then a pumpkin costume might be the way to go for your pets. Plus, it’s a good option if you think they may not be too pleased about wearing a complicated contraption. This costume is just a little piece of fabric that you can tie around them, but don’t forget the hat on top. That brings the whole look together. Your pup is going to look too cute in this costume. It would probably like it just as much as you do.


If you want to get your pooch a costume that’s just as funny as it is cute, try a spider costume. This one has furry legs sticking out of the body that seriously makes your pup look like a giant spider. Don’t worry, though ­– it’s cuter than it is scary. One thing’s for sure: It’s going to give your guests and trick-or-treaters a laugh when they see Fido.

Taco Dog

Does your dog love food more than anything in the world? Then you have to try this taco costume. There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen this costume. It is already making its rounds on social media because it’s one of the more popular options. This costume might be cutest on small dogs who have lots of energy.

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Chia Pet

Don’t want to buy your pet a costume? That’s understandable. But did you know that you can easily make one at home? One great idea for a costume is dressing your pup up like a Chia Pet. You’re going to cover them in fake greenery (but keep their head uncovered). This shouldn’t bother them too much, and you won’t believe how cute they look. This innovative idea is sure to turn a lot of heads at the dog park or on a walk around the neighborhood.

Now that you have some excellent dog costume ideas, the whole family can celebrate Halloween in style!

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