Grab A Bite At The “Kings Of Q” BBQ Cook-Off And Festival

Barbecue pork ribs

It’s no secret that Ayden, NC, is home to some of the best barbecues in the country. People come from far and wide to chow down on it, and you can also expect them to line up to catch the “Kings of Q” BBQ Cook-off and Festival. It’ll be in downtown Ayden on May 20-21, so head over for delicious food and more fun than you can imagine. But, first, get the details so you’ll be ready to hang out at Barbecue Village during the festival.

Tastebud Tempting Barbecue as Far as the Nose Can Smell

You’ll have ample opportunities to see, taste, and smell barbecue when you’re at the festival. First, there’s the Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned cookoff. Right now, almost two dozen teams have entered the contest, and more might be added before the big day. Out of those teams, eight are participating in the festival for the first time. Thus, you’ll see some new faces if you have attended a past event.

The teams will compete in four different categories, and the judges will crown a winner. The judging begins at noon on the first day of the festival, and you’ll want to stop by to see how the teams perform.

While you can watch the teams prepare the food, you won’t be able to buy and eat it. No worries, though, since food trucks and local restaurants will serve their best offerings in the festival’s newest addition, Smokehouse Alley. Thus, you can still get ribs, brisket, and other food, so you won’t go home hungry when attending the festival.

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Take in the Activities

You might come for the barbecue, but you’ll stay for the fun when attending the “Kings of Q” BBQ Cook-off and Festival. Even though barbecue is the main event, this is a true festival, complete with live performances, rides, and vendor booths. Oh, and you can even take part in a little competition. No, you don’t need to cook barbecue to compete at the festival. Instead, you can sign up for the Hog Hollerin’ contest. It runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 21, and you can sign up that day. And since it’s open to all ages, you can compete against your family and friends.

If you want to spend a couple of days devouring barbecue and having fun with the community, this festival is a must-visit. Thus, clear your schedule so you can head to the “Kings of Q” BBQ Cook-off and Festival on May 20-21.

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