Head To The Biscuit & The Bean Café

There’s nothing bad that anyone can say about brunch. Especially if it’s at The Biscuit and The Bean Café in Ayden, North Carolina. Whether going out to eat alone, with a friend, or as a family, there’s something on the menu for everyone. So, if you want to go to a place where you’re treated like a valued customer, this is it.

Dessert for Brunch!

The Biscuit and The Bean Café serves desserts worthy of coveted awards. As part of its brunch, you can select several items. For instance, it has cheesecake that’s out of this world. There are also fruit parfaits made only with fresh ingredients. Whether you order one of these desserts or perhaps pie or cake, this café doesn’t disappoint.

Specialty Biscuits

The specialty biscuits are possibly the most popular item on the menu. Keep in mind that these are different from the standard biscuits. Those include a sweet potato biscuit, buttermilk and sweet cream biscuit, and more. To enhance an already great flavor, you can use various condiments such as honey butter, cinnamon, molasses, etc.

Now, move on to the café’s specialty biscuits. Most people who visit The Biscuit and The Bean Café for brunch look forward to these the most. A top choice is the smoked bacon biscuit. Along with that, it’s made with an egg from a local farmer and Vermont cheddar cheese.

Then, there’s the Red Eye Biscuit, another favorite. With generous portions, this is a great choice for people with a big appetite. It’s made with pork tenderloin and a maple molasses glaze. However, what makes this specialty biscuit a standout is the rub made from one of the café’s coffee blends.

For brunch, the Hen House Biscuit might catch your eye. After all, it consists of buttermilk marinated fried chicken, a sweet tea pepper jelly glaze, and house pickles. People love the sweet and spicy flavor of this specialty biscuit.

Additional Menu Options

The Biscuit and The Bean Café brunch includes far more. As an example, there are burritos, cheesesteaks, brisket, and meatloaf.

For brunch, it also serves an assortment of muffins and pastries made from scratch. You’ll find a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods as well.

If you prefer breakfast items, you could go with the French toast or perhaps the thick and fluffy pancakes. In addition, The Biscuit and The Bean Café serves quiches, omelets, sandwiches, wraps, and even fresh salads and yummy soups.

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A Great Family Experience

Because the menu is so diverse, this is the ideal place for the entire family to eat. Even if you have a picky eater, there’s no reason to worry. In addition to fantastic food, The Biscuit and The Bean Café has a relaxing atmosphere. Not only that, but the service is also incredible.

So, now, you don’t need to search for a place in Ayden, North Carolina, for a fantastic brunch. Make time to dine at The Biscuit and The Bean Café soon.

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