Discover The History Of Ayden

history of Ayden

Do you ever wonder about what it would have been like to have lived in Ayden long ago? You love living here now, but that doesn’t mean that Ayden hasn’t gone through some pretty significant changes. Learning about the history of an area is a fantastic way to foster a deeper appreciation for it, which is why you’ll want to learn all about the place you call home. Keep reading to get some important information about the history of Ayden, and you’ll gain an even deeper appreciation for it than you have now.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Wondering how Ayden got started in the first place? Well, it all goes back to the late 1800s, when a farmer in the southern part of what we now call Pitt County found some land that he decided would be a great place to build a farm. However, there was a problem. There was no railroad depot there, meaning it would be difficult to get around. Finally, a railroad was built, and in February 1891, the town was incorporated with the name “Ayden,” which it has kept to this day.

The Depression

Like a lot of other places during this time, Ayden was hit hard during the Great Depression. Many people lost their jobs, and unemployment was a huge problem. After that came World War II, which affected many people in the community. But after that, things started to look up for the country – and for Ayden specifically. There was sudden growth. Businesses were being built, new services were coming to town, and individual families saw the quality of their lives improve over time.

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Present Day

These days, Ayden is a lovely place to live. Not only does it have all the essentials, like medical facilities, parks and recreation centers, and schools, but there are also countless restaurants, places to go, and things to do in town. It covers three square miles, and more than 5,000 call the town home. Plans are currently in place to keep building. But developers are making sure that the area will still keep its small-town feel well into the future.

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