Have Some Holiday Fun With These Yoga Poses

Shot of a young man practicing yoga at home during the day

The holidays may be crazy and busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to yourself to get moving and get relaxing. A great way to find some easy and comforting movement is to try out some new yoga poses. Maybe you’re an experienced yogi, or maybe you’ve never attempted a pose in your life. Either way, these are a great few to try out when you need to put some pep back into your step this holiday season.

Oh Christmas Tree

Let’s start off with the most festive pose of all. Put your feet together, rise onto your toes as much as you can, then squat down while raising your hands above your head and putting your hands together. You’ll really start to feel the Christmas spirit when you reenact the best part of it all!

There’s Prancer…

We don’t recommend this one for the newbies. This requires strength, balance, and skill. Start on all fours. Raise your legs into the air, all weight on your arms, and then bend your legs forward and backward like reindeer horns.

…And Dancer

This is a perfect pose for beginners. Bend your leg backward behind you, grab ahold of your foot, and reach for the sky. Swap and do it on the other side. This is wonderful for stress relief but also just a really good stretch.

Candy Cane

In honor of your favorite treat, start off standing up with your feet together. Bring your palms together and raise your hands up to the sky. Bend to one side, stretching as far as you can. Come back to center and then try on the other side, too.

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This is a great one to really activate your core muscles. Starting on all fours, lift one leg to a 90 degree angle, while pointing the opposite arm out in front of you. Hold, then swap.

‘Tis the season for hustle and bustle! Don’t forget to take some time to unwind during all of the craziness, we know you will enjoy it.

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