How To Celebrate National Pet Day

woman and her dog sharing vanilla ice cream

Our furry friends make the world go round. We can always count on them for extra entertainment, a glimpse of love, and unmatched companionship. Monday, April 11 is all about celebrating, as it is National Pet Day. Show man’s best friend just how special they are to you with these activities!

Head to the Park

What better way to reward your furry guy or girl for being the best friend ever than a trip to the park? Not only will the two of you be able to spend time together, but your pup will be able to run around with fellow doggies at the park too. Bring along some water, a leash, and a few toys to throw and have a ball!

Ice Cream for Two

Did you know that it is perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy some vanilla ice cream? While it would be too tough on their stomachs to indulge in every day, it is a safe treat for your furry friend. Most ice cream parlors will treat your dog for free and even throw a milk bone in too. Be sure to have your phone out so you can capture your pup licking the cup clean!

Have a Photo Shoot

As sad as it is, our pets won’t be with us forever. Therefore, we need to soak up every second we get. What better way to soak in the bliss than with a photo shoot? Capture adorable photos of man’s best friend, and be sure to have someone take several of the two of you. This is especially important if your pet is still young, as you will be able to look back at the photos and see how much they have grown.

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Catch Some Z’s

After a photo shoot, trip to the park, or ice cream date, you are sure to be ready for a nap. Catch some afternoon cuddles under a blanket, and simply enjoy your time with your furry companion.

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