Try These Motocross Tips For Beginners

motocross bike on dirt track
There are some great motocross tracks around Ayden, and if you’ve wanted to get into the sport, consider these tips to gain traction.

Gear Up

If you want to rumble off-road, you’ll need a bike that can handle rough terrain and challenging trails. You don’t need to pay a huge sum for a top-of-the-line model right at the start, but look for a reliable motorbike that will last as long as you’re getting into the sport. Wherever you buy your bike, don’t leave without picking up a helmet as well. Safety has to be your priority, so a good helmet, sturdy gloves, and proper armor will be invaluable out on the course. Remember to buy a new helmet, as a used option won’t be as reliable.


To get used to the unique challenges of riding on dirt, start by heading out on a motorbike or mountain bike. You’ll gradually get a feel for uneven terrain, and you’ll have the opportunity to hone your focus and control. Once you have your motorbike and bearings, you can head out to an MX track to get the hang of a true circuit. Some courses even offer intro days, and you can also consider taking classes to learn from the experts.

Learn the Language

Every sport has its own terms and techniques, so check out these motocross definitions to familiarize yourself with the basics:

  • Gears: your bike will feature different gears to power through different situations. The gear you use for traveling on level ground likely won’t cut if when you have to climb a steep hill (or “booter”), so you need to switch gears as you move. Learning to switch gears at the right time will help you keep the ride smooth and save precious seconds on timed events.
  • Cornering: taking turns, which requires careful control over your throttle, brakes, and balance.
  • Whoops: small, mogul-like mounds lined up close together. You’re supposed to drive along the tops of them rather than climb up and down each one.
  • Rollers: sequential hills much wider than whoops; they often follow turns and challenge you to straighten out your cornering quickly.

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