Pick Your Own Pumpkin At Briley’s Farm Market

Briley’s Farm Market

When fall finally rolls around, you’ll probably want to start making your home as cozy as you can. There’s a lot to do. Maybe you’d like to start decorating, or maybe you want to bake a pumpkin pie. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of pumpkins on deck to have a picture-perfect autumn with your friends and family members. But just where should you pick out that perfect pumpkin? Come on out to Briley’s Farm Market in Pitt County, and see what it has to offer. You’re going to find a lot of pumpkins there to choose from – as well as plenty of other fall-time fun that you can’t get anywhere else. Check this place out sometime soon.

Get the Right Pumpkin

Before you start looking for a pumpkin, you have to think about what you want in one. You may look for something different if you need a pumpkin to cook with versus one you may want to carve, so keep that in mind when you get to the patch. Oh, and you might want to bring your kids along, too. They’ll love helping you find just the right pumpkin, and they may even want to pick one out for themselves, too. Plus, it’s a terrific place to take pictures you can share with your family and all of your friends.

Visit Farm Animals

While you’re at the farm to check out the pumpkin patch, why not meet some animals in the meantime? The animals at this farm are super friendly, and they would love to meet with you. Head on over to pet them and learn about how these animals keep the farm going on a daily basis. It’s also a fantastic way to teach your little ones about animals.

Go on a Hayride

Maybe you want to learn more about the farm and how it works. If so, you can take a hayride around the farm. Not only will this allow you to learn more about it, but you’ll also get to see how beautiful it looks during the fall months. It’s a great activity to participate in if you decide to visit with family members or friends.

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Stop by the Market

Do you need to get some produce for the week? Stop by the market, and you never know what you might find. You may even get some inspiration to try an all-new dish this weekend.

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