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Raw milk being poured into container

The weather is getting warmer, and that can only mean the ice cream cravings are coming. If you are a fan of homemade ice cream, or maybe you have never had it, Simply Natural Creamery is ready to host you and show you what you are missing. At Simply Natural Creamery you will learn about how different dairy products are made, and you will also get the opportunity to taste and indulge in some sweet homemade treats.

The Creamery Story

The owner of the creamery, Neil Moye, had been farming for over 28 years. He and his brother, David, started farming simple crops but then decided to try their hand at livestock. This livestock did not just include cows. Neil and David raised hogs and Turkeys as well. As Neil started Simply Natural Creamery, his entire family got involved and became dedicated to the operations of the creamery.

The Process

Simply Natural Creamery has one goal: to produce high-quality milk and ice cream. Their website has so many great resources about where their milk comes from and their beliefs when it comes to producing dairy products for the community to enjoy.

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The Dairy Products they Offer

Milk and ice cream are the creamery’s most popular products, but they also offer butter! Simply Natural offers two kinds of butter depending on your taste, unsalted and salted. As far as ice cream goes, the flavor possibilities seem to be endless. Simply Natural Creamery offers everything from plain jane vanilla to flavors like mint chocolate chip and some unique flavors such as “Cow Pattie” and “Cow Tracks.” As far as milk goes, they offer a variety of sizes for you. They also were sure to include non-fat, skim, chocolate, half and half, heavy cream, and whole buttermilk to give customers what they desire most. One thing Simply Natural Creamery does well is they seem to think of everything. They want to be sure that when buying their products you are satisfied with the quality.

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