These 3 Technologies Make New Vehicles Safer

Ford blind spot monitoring

Technology is more advanced than it’s ever been before. This fact benefits so many parts of our lives, including the part that takes place on the road. If you drive daily, chances are you’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing that your car has safety features actively working to protect you. Enter: Ford’s new lineup with the latest and greatest technology developments. There are a few main features that you know you can count on, so let’s look over them to get an idea of what you can expect in your new 2021 Ford.

Give Me A Brake

Self-braking cars are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Because accidents and distractions do happen, it’s nice to have that extra touch of protection. This feature works by sensing if your vehicle is going to collide with another — in front of or behind the car —  and applies the brakes to bring the car to a stop. This is particularly helpful when parking in tight spots or in parking lots. It can also come paired with a backup camera so you can have eyes on the back of your car.

Now You See It

Remember that blind spot that you haven’t been able to see since you bought your car? Well, now you can get some help with it. Modern technology in vehicles includes sensors that alert you if another car is in your blind spot. There are a few ways that a vehicle with a blind spot monitor will alert you: some have a visual notification, such as a light-up button on the side view mirrors; while others have an audible alert, like a loud beep. A lot of cars have both, to make absolute certain you are aware whenever someone is in your blind spot.

This is such a helpful tool to have since drivers have struggled with blind spots for years. Instead of merging lanes and potentially colliding with another car, you can avoid the whole scenario altogether.

Call Me, Beep Me

With all of this modern technology comes distractions such as cell phones. Most new vehicles, though, come with a ton of ways to take that distraction completely off the table. Voice-activated commands, hands-free calling, and even the ability to display necessary phone apps on your screen are all available in today’s vehicles. The less time you spend looking at your phone, the less likely you are to have a collision. And having your map, music, and phone call log all at your fingertips makes it much less tempting to reach for your phone.

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The Latest Tech at Doug Henry Ford of Ayden

Ready to get with the times? Visit Doug Henry Ford of Ayden today for a vehicle refresh! Our new Ford models are stocked with a slew of safety tech, and all for an unbeatable price. We’d be happy to discuss any of these features in detail with you, and find a perfect match to keep you safe on the road.

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