Try These 4 Amazing Restaurants

Fish and chips

You likely cooked your way into a frenzy over the holidays, and now you need a break. Fortunately, you can have a tasty meal without the work by eating at one of Ayden’s top restaurants. Get the details on some of the best places to eat in Ayden.

1.      Skylight Inn BBQ

If you have a hankering for barbecue, a trip to Skylight Inn BBQ is in order. The NC-style whole hog barbecue joint has been in business since 1947 and has developed quite a following over the years. It has also racked up awards and accolades, including the coveted James Beard “America’s Classics” Award in 2003. Everything on the menu is delicious, and you’ll fall in love with the crispy bits of crackling throughout the dishes. It doesn’t get more authentic (or tastier) than this.

2.      Marvel’s Restaurant

Marvel’s Restaurant is another fantastic choice when eating out in Ayden. The menu is full of American favorites, including Philly cheesesteaks that are so big you’ll have some to take home. The pasta salad and burgers are also a hit here, and you’ll definitely want to try the homemade ranch. Ranch makes everything a little tastier, and the recipe the team uses is one of the best you’ll taste. That alone is worth a trip to Marvel’s Restaurant. Add in the friendly staff, and you’ll find yourself coming back over and over.

3.      Fryday Nite Fish

Are you in the mood for a backyard fish fry but don’t want to deal with the logistics? If so, head over to Fryday Nite Fish in Ayden. Owner Tonnia Pollard Wallace wanted to create a restaurant that feels like a backyard fish fry, and she delivers on all fronts.

As with any backyard fish fry, you need a host, and she’s often on hand, chatting with guests and recommending menu items. And no matter which of those items you order, you can expect a mouthwatering meal. Plus, you’ll love that at-home feel that’ll remind you of meals you’ve shared with your loved ones in the past. It will feel like home, but you won’t have to do the cooking.

Keep in mind that there’s only outdoor seating, so if it’s chilly out, you might want to place a to-go order. Whether you eat at the location or at home, though, you can expect the best fried fish of your life.

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4.      Little J’s Pizza and Subs

Little J’s Pizza and Subs is the place to go if your group can’t decide what to eat. Where else can you get fried rice, pizza, and subs? The steak sub is the standout item here, but there are tons of tasty items, and they all come out fast and hot. Plus, the prices are reasonable, so you won’t have to worry about putting a dent in your food budget during your meal out.

These are just some of Ayden’s standout restaurants. Start with these four and then continue your culinary tour of Ayden. You’ll find one hidden gem after the next.

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