Try Skylight Inn BBQ

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Do you love barbecue? If so, there’s an excellent place in Ayden, North Carolina, that has an incredible menu selection. Whether you live there or plan to visit, you don’t want to miss the most delicious barbecue you’ve ever had. The Skylight Inn and its BBQ dishes will exceed your expectations.

A Brief History

Fondly referred to as Pete Jones by locals, it’s one of the hot spots in Ayden. At just 17 years of age, Pete Jones opened the restaurant. Officially called the Skylight Inn, it’s become a staple for anyone who loves mouth-watering barbecue dishes. In honor of its rich family history, this restaurant only uses the best and freshest ingredients available.

So, how popular is the Skylight Inn? Today, it’s common for people to pack the restaurant. However, even in 1979, it received rave reviews in a publication of National Geographic. As part of the Back Roads America edition, it quickly gained notoriety.

In addition, the Skylight Inn attracted the attention of several politicians in 1982. During the congressional bowl, Pete Jones invited both former President Reagan and Vice President Bush to enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Both men felt so impressed that they wrote a personal letter to Pete and his son, Bruce, thanking them for the incredible experience.

What’s on the Menu?

You’ll discover fantastic barbecue food at the Skylight Inn. After all, that’s the thing that makes this restaurant so famous. Here are just a few examples of the current menu items.

  • Pork (referred to as “Pig” on the menu) – You can order a small, medium, or large tray of tender and delicious pork meat. However, the Skylight Inn also offers pork sandwiches.
  • Chicken (referred to as “Yard Bird” on the menu) – You get a choice of different servings. For instance, you can go with a small plate, which is one-quarter of a chicken. There’s also a large plate that equals half a chicken. This restaurant offers a BBQ and chicken combo too.
  • Side Dishes – The barbecue meat at the Skylight Inn isn’t the only thing people crave on the menu. There’s also a great selection of side dishes. These include coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, and homemade cornbread.

This restaurant offers single-serving meals, bulk meat, and side dishes. For example, you can buy a pound of meat only or a pound of meat combined with coleslaw and cornbread. In addition, the Skylight Inn offers whole chickens. So, if you’re planning a special event, this is the place to go for exceptional food.

As for the side dishes, you can choose between quart and gallon portions. Wait, there’s even more. Along with delicious cake made from scratch and banana pudding, the Skylight Inn has excellent iced tea in single servings, bottles, and gallon jugs. You can even buy an entire cornbread cake.

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Get Ready for a Real Treat

Pete Jones created the most superb barbecue sauce you’ve ever tasted. Along with using it for cooking food for guests, it’s available in bottles. So, if you appreciate an outstanding barbecue, visit the Skylight Inn. You’ll be glad you did. One final note, this restaurant only accepts cash.

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