Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Child making a design on a pumpkin

Every year around this time, you probably find yourself with some pumpkins in need of decorating. Sure, you could always leave them lying around in their natural state, but where’s the fun in that? Perhaps one of the best parts of the fall season is getting to decorate pumpkins. Whether you’re more of a carving person or you want to take some paint to your gourd, there are so many ways to make your pumpkin look incredible. Check out these fun ideas that you and your family can employ the next time you decorate pumpkins!

Pumpkin Vase

This is a classy idea that you may not have thought about yet. A pumpkin vase creates a great look that will add to your centerpiece in the most incredible way. You can do this by hollowing out the pumpkin, and then painting it however you want. Our suggestion? A lovely white or metallic tone would look incredible. Then you fill your pumpkin “vase” with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Or, if you’re trying to stay with the fall theme, you can find something that’s dried instead. No matter how you put it together, it’s going to come out looking incredible.

Confetti Pumpkin

Throwing a Halloween party or want to incorporate some more festivity into your home? You can try pulling off a confetti pumpkin. This pumpkin is covered in colored dots. But don’t assume that you have to paint all those dots on yourself. It’s way more manageable if you get actual confetti and then use Mod Podge to put it on. Oh, and another suggestion for this one? Try using a plastic pumpkin instead of a real one. That way, you can keep it around for longer and continue to use it year after year.

Mini Friendly Ghost Pumpkins

We don’t all have unlimited time to decorate pumpkins around our home, but there is a way you can get cute pumpkins in your house without having to do a ton of work. These mini friendly ghost pumpkins are a great way to do that. Find small, white pumpkins, and paint a friendly face on them. They are going to look as cute as can be.

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Starry Night Pumpkins

This is a beautiful idea that brings some class to the table. Paint your pumpkins a deep, dark color, and cover it with metallic stars and moons. They’re going to look incredible, especially if you make several and gather them all together.

What are you waiting for? Try out these pumpkin decorating ideas sometime soon!

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