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When planning your summer activities, add a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural History to your calendar. Not only is this something you can do with a friend or spouse, but also the entire family. As a kid-friendly museum, your kids will love it. With so much to see, it’s fun, adventurous, and educational.

A Quick Introduction

It’s located at 949 Contentnea Lane in Grifton, NC, less than eight miles from Ayden. You can visit this museum on Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Again, this is something your family will enjoy. However, if you’re part of any type of organization, you can book group reservations.

A Great Adventure for Everyone

If you’re an educator, it’s an ideal place for field trips. To ensure that every student enjoys the experience, the staff members carefully coordinate these visits. That includes following both the NC Essential Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. That way, they can choose the appropriate exhibits and curriculum materials based on classroom subject and grade level.

Incredible Discoveries

If you’ve visited a museum of natural history before, then you know firsthand how incredible they are. If not, you’ll feel in awe of all the things on display. However, the North Carolina Museum of Natural History is unique. For instance, along with the various exhibits indoors, it provides a variety of outdoor activities.

Bray Hollow Conservancy

At this location, you’ll discover 380 acres of conservancy land. In addition to the wonderful astronomy programs, visitors can enjoy trail runs, kayaking, and SKs. In addition, it boasts a planetarium and offers nature classes. Be sure to check out the museum’s website to learn about additional opportunities.


The land around the museum’s Contentnea Creek features four distinct habitats. These include a forest, stream, swap, and ponds. While hiking, you’ll move from one habitat to another. While doing that, you’ll see different wildlife in each one.


Especially if you take your kids to the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, they’ll enjoy spending time outdoors. Along with hiking and kayaking, you can have a family picnic. Not only that, but your kids can also spend time at the Nature Playscape. In addition, the staff members can arrange a primitive camping experience.

Millions of Stars

The digital planetarium and public observatory remain a popular attraction. With this, groups of no more than 10 individuals can look at the vast sky and millions of stars. As part of this, you’ll have the chance to see the Milky Way. Since this takes place indoors, you don’t have to worry about visiting the museum on a rainy day.

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A Wonderful Adventure

The North Carolina Museum of Natural History provides guests with a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. At the same time, it’s a great way to learn about nature.

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