Sign The Kids Up For The Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon

Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon

You want your kids to be fit and have a lot of fun this summer, don’t you? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t want their kids to be healthy and happy? Well, there’s an easy what you can encourage them to do just that. Just sign them up for the Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon. When they participate in this event, they’re going to have a blast – and they may even develop a love for working out and getting active, too. The race is coming up soon, so make sure you register them as soon as possible. Now, check out some of the details you’ll want to keep in mind when you sign them up.

Triathlon Details

The Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon is going to take place on Saturday, Aug. 17, and it will run from 8 a.m. to noon. The race will be located at the rec center on Sunset Drive in Wilson, which means it’s centrally located for most families in the area. Does your child want to participate alone? In that case, you’ll pay $35 for registration. A two-person relay team costs $50, and a three-person relay team costs $65. It’s for kids ages 5 to 17, and there are different divisions for different age groups. That way, everyone can participate.

Kids ages 5 to 7 will swim 50 yards, bike for a mile and a half, and run for a half-mile. That’s just perfect for the little ones. Children ages 8 to 10 will have a different course. They’ll swim 100 yards, bike three miles, and run a mile. Is your child between 11 and 17 years of age? In that case, they’ll run 150 yards and bike for four and a half miles. After that, they’ll run a mile and a half. Since older children can handle more, this should be reasonable for them.

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Children with Special Needs

This is going to be a super-exciting event, which means that nobody should be left out of the fun. That’s why there will be a special needs division of this triathlon. The price is just $10 per child, and the event organizers ask that a parent comes with every child to help them out during the event. If your child has special needs and wants to participate in this event, they’re sure to have a great time! To sign them up, call David Caudle at 252-291-9622 or send an email to

Now that you know more about this fun event, make sure you sign your kids up as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss this!

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