Tips For Camping This Winter

Camping with hand holding cup in yellow tent with snow in pine forest

The weather may be colder and the sun may be setting earlier, but if you love to camp and get outdoors we know a little cold weather won’t stop you. If you aren’t used to camping during the winter but you’re looking for something new to do, we have some great camping tips for you. Just because it’s a new season, doesn’t mean camping can’t be fun. In fact, camping in the winter is great, if you know how to stay comfortable. Let’s take a look at these camping hacks that will help you get through the coldest weekend.

Use The Right Tent

You would be surprised to learn there are many types of tents to choose from when you are looking to camp. For colder weather, you will need to find a 4-season tent. This type of tent is more durable and able to stand strong weather, including snow.

Smaller Tents Are Best

Of course, a big tent is ideal when camping, but when it is cold out you will much rather enjoy a smaller space to camp in. This is because you will keep warmer in a small space

Hop In Your RV

Typically if you have an RV you will find yourself traveling to a warmer spot during the winter. If you decide to camp during the winter you will want to make sure your RV is winterized properly. Draining water tanks and lines, adding antifreeze, and installing insulation where it’s needed is super important if you are wanting a warm and safe winter camping experience.

Keep Your Batteries Alive

If you didn’t know, the cold weather can drain batteries abnormally quickly. A nice trick to keep your batteries full of life is making sure they are inside your sleeping bag before you go to sleep for the night. Your body heat will keep your battery from draining.

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Ditch The Air Mattress

Even though camping with an air mattress sounds like a great time, during the winter it’s not the wisest decision. The air from the air mattress will actually keep you cold all night. Instead, try sleeping on an insulated ground pad. This will keep you warm all through the night.

Don’t let the cold weather turn you away from camping this winter. There are many ways to make camping in the cold a great adventure!

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