Easy No-Bake Desserts To Try This Fall

A high angle close up of a square white plate with a fresh slice of chocolate cheesecake with a dab of whipped cream and topped with chocolate shavings. Shot on a grungy old wooden picnic table.

Sometimes, you crave a dessert, but you don’t want to spend a ton of time baking. In addition, fall can be a busy time of the year in Ayden, NC, and you have a lot of things on your plate. Luckily, there are many great dessert options you can make that don’t involve your oven at all. Try these easy no-bake desserts this fall and feed your sweet tooth.

Caramel-Dipped Pretzels

Combine salty, crunchy large pretzel sticks with caramel sweetness in this easy dessert. First, you’ll need to make your own batch of caramel or melt some caramel candies. Then, dip the pretzel sticks halfway into the caramel. After that, you can roll the sticks in sprinkles, crushed candies, or chocolate chips. Finally, lay them on wax or parchment paper to cool and harden.

Halloween Graham Sandwich Treats

These sandwich treats are super simple and perfect for little ones to make. To prep, you can mix a few drops of food coloring to create some orange, green, and purple frosting. Of course, you’ll also want to grab some fun Halloween-themed sprinkles. Then, have the kiddos smear some frosting between chocolate graham crackers and add sprinkles.

Chocolate Pudding Cheesecake

Whether for a weekday night or a holiday gathering, this dessert will be a hit and only takes minutes to make. In fact, you can save even more time by buying a premade graham cracker crust. Then, whisk chocolate pudding mix and milk together, and fold in and whisk the cream cheese until it’s smooth. Spread into the pie crust and refrigerate until it’s time to dig in.

Turkey Caramel Pretzels

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making little bite-sized turkeys. Arrange 20 pretzels on a lined baking sheet, and put a chocolate-covered Rolo on the bottom part of the pretzel. Then, bake at 300℉ for just three to four minutes until the candy is melty. Press three candy corns in the shape of a turkey tail. Of course, if you want to add extra details, you can use icing pens to add a beak, wattle, and eyes.

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Caramel-Dipped Apple Slices

Caramel apples are delicious, but it can be tough to eat a whole one. Instead, pre-slice the apples and soak them briefly in a water and lemon juice mixture. While your apples soak, heat up your caramel, and prepare your sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips. Next, pat dry your apple slices. If you want, poke sticks into the pieces to make them easier to serve. Then dip them halfway in the caramel, and roll in the toppings. These apples are fun to eat with the family and great at a party.

Good food doesn’t have to be complex. You can whip up fast and easy desserts that taste great and are fun to make. Get the family involved to make it even more of a blast. Then, enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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