Grow Closer With Some Time Away From The Kids!

Woman pulling her significant other on the street
Time with your spouse is incredibly important to your relationship, but it’s also one of those things that can easily be overlooked, especially when you have children living at home. You can easily find yourselves almost living separate lives. Instead, grow close together by making plans and going on an adults-only adventure.

Just Imagine

You don’t have to go to the Bahamas, or jump a plane to Mexico. Sometimes it’s enough to book a room for a weekend in a nice hotel and find a restaurant where you can relax and have a real meal — something that your kids would turn up their noses at — as you spend an evening alone together. You and your spouse can also enjoy the next morning together, where you can both sleep in without worrying about having to get up and fix breakfast for the kids. It’s a beautiful thought, isn’t it? And you can make it a reality!

Communication Is Key

Talk to your partner and put a plan together. Is a weekend at the grandparents’ house an option for the kids? Or do you have a trusted friend who could take the kids to do something overnight? Talk about it and form the plan that works best for the both of you. While you’re doing that, you will find that you are learning something from your spouse as you are planning and talking. Communication is sometimes one of the things that’s missing from a long-term relationship. If romance is the spice, communication is the meat and potatoes of a relationship.

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When You Go

Be adventurous! Do something that you’ve never done but always wanted to or check out a place that you have always wanted to visit. But, of course, remember that you’re a parent. Emergency contact numbers, medication lists, activity schedules, and all of the other things that fill your life need to be left with your children’s caretakers. Now, leave your kids with the Nana and Pop Pop, pack your overnight bag, and head out to a weekend getaway with your love.

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