Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Famiglia


Has Cupid’s arrow struck you and your sweetheart? If so, you may be looking for a nice place to go for dinner with your significant other when love is in the air. Here in Ayden, North Carolina, there are several places around our area that you could consider. For instance, you could have a romantic Valentine’s Day at Famiglia. It’s an Italian restaurant after all and, well, you know, that’s pretty romantic.


Famiglia is so fancy they refer to the meal courses on their menu in Italian. Many of the dishes too. If you choose to start out with an appetizer, you may want the to consider the Famiglia Sampler. That way you can try out several items from the Primo menu.

Zuppa And Salade

You shouldn’t need an Italian to English translator to figure out this section of the menu. You can add chicken or shrimp to the Caesear, spinach, or house salad. You could also consider the Italian chicken soup or the daily soup special.

Secondi Pasta

Now we’re getting to the meat of the menu. Well, not literally. There are many items at Famiglia that you can get sans meat. Here are some samples of dishes you may enjoy from this section:  Fried Chicken Alfredo, Penne Alla Vodka, Chicken Piccata, Sirloin Steak, Seafood Fra Diavolo, Chicken Marsala, Famiglia Pork Chop, and many others.

Build Your Own Pasta

You pick what kind of pasta you want. You pick what kind of sauce you want. You pick what kind of meat – if any – you want. They even have gluten free options if you prefer.

New York Style Pizza

There are several pizza options available at Famiglia, including Supreme Pizza, Grecian Pizza, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, White Pizza, Buffalo Chicken and Sweet & Spicy.


If it’s Valentine’s Day, you should definitely go ahead and treat yourself to dessert, especially at Famiglia. They offer Cannoli, N.Y. Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Tuxedo Cake, and Carrot Cake.

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Other Menu Items

There are many sandwiches on the menu as well, such as an Italian Hoagie and Chicken Parmesan. For the kids, or Bambini, you can choose chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and other items.

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