How Does The F-150 Handle The Most Precious Cargo?

Not all pickup trucks are the same. One stands out for the most important reason. The 2023 F-150 is not only a workhorse but also perfect for keeping you and your passengers safe. Especially if you drive your children around, you want peace of mind on the road.

Incredible Trims

With different trim levels, you’ll have no problem selecting an F-150 for personal use. Although it offers a smooth ride with excellent handling, it’s the safety features that grab attention. Find out why this Ford truck is the top choice for parents, grandparents, and others with young passengers.

Car Seats

Unlike other full-size pickup trucks, the 2023 Ford F-150 can accommodate three car seats in the backseat. That means it provides optimal safety for several young children. Also, this truck has exposed latch anchors that make it possible to secure car seats quickly and with little effort.


Whether you drive young kids around, with the new F-150, you can configure car seats in several ways. For instance, you can latch a car seat in so that it faces the rear. However, this truck makes forward facing possible as well. Not only is it ideal for securing newborns but also older toddlers that use booster seats.

Grading the 2023 Ford F-150

The safety features for your precious cargo fall within three grade levels, including A, B, and C.

Here are some in Grade A:

  • Latch – This truck has two sets of lower anchors, each exposed, again for fast and easy connection. However, if you opt for the SuperCrew trim, you’ll benefit from three top tether loops located behind the head restraints.
  • Infant Passengers – For small babies, the F-150 offers plenty of room for a car seat behind the front passenger’s seat. Even so, the individual sitting in front still has lots of legroom, so they never feel cramped.
  • Booster Seats – To secure an older child in a booster seat, you’ll appreciate the middle of the backseat position. However, you can also place a booster seat behind the front passenger. Either way, this truck boasts rigid buckles that provide excellent protection.

Here are a few of the safety features for children in the Grade B category:

  • Forward Facing Convertible – To place a car seat in the front-facing, you’d simply use the lower anchors. Again, the SuperCrew trim is ideal for small passengers since it also features three tether straps.

As for Grade C, there isn’t anything listed. That means all of the safety features in a 2023 F-150 designed to protect children are superior quality.

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Important Factors

While the new Ford F-150 does a remarkable job protecting passengers, you still need to do some due diligence. For instance, make sure you purchase car seats that meet all current safety regulations. In addition, be sure to secure them correctly. If you need assistance or want to purchase an F-150, contact Doug Henry Ford of Ayden in Ayden, North Carolina.

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