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Make Every Mile Count: Fuel Efficiency Tips

A silver car with a blue gas pump getting refueled at a gas station.
Unless you drive an EV, refueling your gas tank is an unavoidable part of life. Whether your current vehicle is a fuel-sipper or a notorious fuel-gulper, there are plenty of tips that can help you stretch your fuel consumption and the time in between trips to the gas station. On... [read more]

Create Your Own Movie Night At Home

Set up for movie night at home
A lot of people are choosing to forgo movie theater visits right now. With that being said, when you think about it, the cost of going to see a film in person is so expensive that it almost makes sense to stay home and watch one from the comfort of... [read more]

Give Your Porch A Makeover This Spring

Beautiful front porch with table and chairs
The winter months can be long and chilly, but when the warmer weather finally breaks, it feels incredible to get outside and enjoy the temperature while you can. Of course, you can always go to a local park to get a taste of the great outdoors, but don’t you want... [read more]

These Winning Tips Will Enhance Your Golf Swing

Woman practicing her golf swing
Golfing is one of those activities that’s enjoyable in more than just one way. First of all, you get to play an exciting game that’s based on skill and strategy. Second of all, you often get to do it with friends and coworkers, which is a great way to hang... [read more]

Prepare Your Yard For Spring

Ground level view of a recently cut and well maintained ornamental grass
It's never too early to get ahead when it comes to taking care of your lawn. If you wait too late, you could have a full season of dead grass. Colder weather can leave your yard in a weak state, so take advantage of this time by preparing your yard... [read more]

Tips For Camping This Winter

Camping with hand holding cup in yellow tent with snow in pine forest
The weather may be colder and the sun may be setting earlier, but if you love to camp and get outdoors we know a little cold weather won't stop you. If you aren’t used to camping during the winter but you’re looking for something new to do, we have some... [read more]

Are You Using The Right Salt For Your Recipes?

A pinch of salt in a salad
Salt is a seasoning that is universally loved. This well-known table guest can be the difference between a good dish and a great one. You may think there is not much to know about salt, but you would be surprised to learn that there are many shapes, sizes, and tastes... [read more]

Have Some Holiday Fun With These Yoga Poses

Shot of a young man practicing yoga at home during the day
The holidays may be crazy and busy, but that doesn't mean you can't take some time to yourself to get moving and get relaxing. A great way to find some easy and comforting movement is to try out some new yoga poses. Maybe you're an experienced yogi, or maybe you've... [read more]

Buying A Car During The Holidays Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

A man's hand holding a car key
We don't have to tell you that Christmas shopping is stressful. Whether the gift you're looking for is as small as a ring, or as large as a car, there are different stresses that come with each specific gift you buy. That's where we come in. We're here to make... [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Oil Changed

Pouring oil into car engine.
Changing your oil is the most effective way to extend the life of your vehicle and increase the resale value.  Dirt and debris in an engine can cause friction which can be very harmful to your motor. It’s extremely important to keep your car on a service schedule as a preventative... [read more]