Saddle Up This Summer: Horseback Riding For Beginners

Picture of young girl riding her horse
There are lots of places to go horseback riding in and around Ayden, NC. While the idea of riding a horse sounds like fun, you can feel a little overwhelmed if you’re a beginner. You aren’t sure of yourself, so you’re a little nervous about getting on a horse. Let’s... [read more]

Safely Jump-Start Your Car

Close Up of Jumper Cables in Use.
It seems like car batteries only die when you’re in a hurry. You jump in the car, ready to take off to your destination, and then hit a major roadblock. You’re frustrated and worried because you have someplace to be, and you need to fix the problem fast. Fortunately, it... [read more]

Quench Your Thirst With Sweet Iced Tea

Iced Tea with Lemon and mint on a garden table in bright sunshine.
Southerners excel at numerous things, including making sweet tea. You can buy it by the gallon at the grocery store, but it tastes even better when you make it yourself. Check out this recipe for southern sweet iced tea, and then whip up a batch today. Ingredients and Equipment for Southern... [read more]

Water Activities To Enjoy This Season

Man wakeboarding at the lake
Vacation awaits — summertime is almost here! It's time to take your well-earned paid time off, and head to the nearest lake or beach to bask in the sun. Although, taking a dip in the water, relaxing on a float, or swimming laps can get old after a while, so... [read more]

Become The Best First-Time Dog Owner With These Tips

Golden Retriever Puppy running on grass towards the camera
Getting a dog for the first time is a sweet and wonderful experience, but it definitely comes with challenges! Allow for a smooth transition for you and your new pup with these tips! Establish Vet Care As a first-time pet parent, the first thing you'll want to do is establish care with... [read more]

These 3 Technologies Make New Vehicles Safer

Ford blind spot monitoring
Technology is more advanced than it's ever been before. This fact benefits so many parts of our lives, including the part that takes place on the road. If you drive daily, chances are you'd feel a lot more comfortable knowing that your car has safety features actively working to protect... [read more]

Celebrate National BBQ Month

close up of pork ribs covered in bbq sauce on grill
Did you know that May is National BBQ Month? That’s right! Since 1963, the month of May has officially served as primetime to fire up the grill, cook your favorite meats and veggies, then slather on some savory sauce. If you’re craving BBQ, try out these recipes from around the... [read more]

Freshen Up Your Space With These Air Quality Enhancements

Man replacing A/C filter for a home air conditioning system.
Even if you don't suffer from seasonal allergies, keeping the air inside your home clean is important. Thankfully, with these few easy tips, you'll have clean air all year round! Change Your Air Filters It's important to change your AC filter several times a year to ensure that it is able to... [read more]

Try These Motocross Tips For Beginners

motocross bike on dirt track
There are some great motocross tracks around Ayden, and if you’ve wanted to get into the sport, consider these tips to gain traction. Gear Up If you want to rumble off-road, you’ll need a bike that can handle rough terrain and challenging trails. You don’t need to pay a huge sum for... [read more]

Make Every Mile Count: Fuel Efficiency Tips

A silver car with a blue gas pump getting refueled at a gas station.
Unless you drive an EV, refueling your gas tank is an unavoidable part of life. Whether your current vehicle is a fuel-sipper or a notorious fuel-gulper, there are plenty of tips that can help you stretch your fuel consumption and the time in between trips to the gas station. On... [read more]