Snack On This Sweet And Salty Brittle Recipe All Season Long

Shot of a mother and son baking together in the kitchen
Sweet treats are a big part of the holiday season. From munching on cookies to giving candy as gifts, goodies are in high demand right now. But you don’t have to wait in line at a bakery or find treats at the grocery store to participate in the delicious fun.... [read more]

10 Holiday Hacks You Need To Know

Salad bar with various fresh vegetables
Are you already thinking about the big meals you’ll make this holiday season? As much fun as it is to host, it’s still a lot of stress. Fortunately, your feast will go without a hitch with these holiday hacks. 1.      Hang Recipes on the Cabinets Copy the recipes you’ll use for the... [read more]

The Best Coffee Creamers To Sip On This Season

Pouring cream into black coffee
Do you love waking up and enjoying a fresh, hot cup of coffee? As delicious as your coffee is now, it’ll taste even better when you use one of the top creamers on the market. Pick up one of these creamers the next time you go shopping to elevate your... [read more]

Dig Into This Fall Chili Recipe

Bowls of Homemade Chili with Corn Bread
Nothing can warm you up on a crisp fall day like a bowl of chili. But, unless you have a family recipe, you are probably not sure how to begin. Fortunately, you’re sure to love this recipe for the Best Classic Chili. With only five minutes of prep time, it’s... [read more]

Find Out Why You Should Check Your Vehicle’s Oil Regularly

man checking vehicle oil level
Your vehicle’s motor oil lubricates the engine, ensuring that all the moving parts work as they should. While you know you should change your oil regularly, you might not realize that checking it is important as well. Let’s go over some of the main reasons that you should check your... [read more]

Enjoy A Spa Day At Salt Beauty And Wellness In Winterville

Mom And Daughter In Bathrobes Lying With Cucumber Slices On Eyes at the spa
Has it been a little while since you pampered yourself? That means it’s time for a trip to Salt Beauty and Wellness in Winterville, NC. This spa has it all, from manicures and pedicures to massages and facials. Plus, it has a welcoming environment that will put you in the... [read more]

Test Out These Tailgate Food Favorites

Homemade Breaded Jalapeno Poppers
Tailgating isn’t complete without tons of food. Instead of going with your normal menu, go in a new direction with these mouthwatering tailgating food recipes. These foods are going to be the talk of the event. Bacon Crackers Leave the cheese and crackers at the store and whip up this recipe for... [read more]

Shop ‘Til You Drop At Artisans In Greenville

Shopping time. Young women shopping together. Consumerism, fashion, lifestyle
Are you tired of running from store to store and want to find everything in one place? That’s not a problem when you shop at Artisans Decorative Accessories and Fine Gifts in Greenville. The 12,000 square foot store features more than 75 exclusive shops, each independently owned. The stores are... [read more]

Inflate Your Tires Properly With These Pro Tips

Checking Tire Pressure
Your tires need the proper amount of air to perform as they should. If your tires aren’t properly inflated, your gas mileage and performance will take a nosedive. Plus, it’ll impact the handling, and you could even have a blowout. Fortunately, maintaining tire pressure is pretty simple. Check out how... [read more]