15 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Pancakes with banana, nuts and honey, served with tea. Rustic style.
Mornings are usually pretty hectic. You have to rush around and get ready and might need to send the little ones off to school. That means it can be hard to whip up a big breakfast. Fortunately, these 15 breakfast recipes are quick and easy so that you can make... [read more]

Plan A Successful Yard Sale

Young girl shopping in a yard sale
You can hardly squeeze through your garage, the kids’ closets are overflowing, and the clutter is driving you nuts. It sounds like it’s time for a yard sale. But simply putting your extra things on the lawn or in the driveway isn’t going to bring you a lot of success.... [read more]

Experience Nature At The North Carolina Museum Of Natural Sciences

young girl looking at an exhibit in a glass display case in a museum
Both one of the oldest and the largest in the Southeast, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has delighted adults and children alike for more than 140 years. And with multiple facilities and campuses, the collection offers an array of flora, fauna, and fossils. The North Carolina Museum of... [read more]

Electrify Your Driving Experience With Ford’s All-Electric Vehicles

F-150 Electric
If you still have concerns about the power and performance of all-electric vehicles, maybe it’s time to stop by a Ford dealership in Ayden, North Carolina. You’ll quickly gain newfound respect when you see the direction of Ford’s electric cars is moving in. Plus, you’ll see all-electric versions of some... [read more]

6 Cooking Tips To Keep In Mind While Camping

Dutch oven cooking over a campfire
The weather is warming up, so that means it’s time to go camping. It’s a good way to reconnect with nature and shake off some of the stress of daily life. What you decide to eat while you’re camping can make or break your experience. If you want to go... [read more]

Learn How To Can Fruits, Veggies, And More

Wooden storage shelves holding home canning vegetable
Do you love eating fresh fruits and vegetables out of your garden and feel a little disappointed when the season ends? While you can go to the store and buy fruits, vegetables, and more, it’s not the same as eating from your garden. You can preserve your favorite foods by... [read more]

Saddle Up This Summer: Horseback Riding For Beginners

Picture of young girl riding her horse
There are lots of places to go horseback riding in and around Ayden, NC. While the idea of riding a horse sounds like fun, you can feel a little overwhelmed if you’re a beginner. You aren’t sure of yourself, so you’re a little nervous about getting on a horse. Let’s... [read more]

Safely Jump-Start Your Car

Close Up of Jumper Cables in Use.
It seems like car batteries only die when you’re in a hurry. You jump in the car, ready to take off to your destination, and then hit a major roadblock. You’re frustrated and worried because you have someplace to be, and you need to fix the problem fast. Fortunately, it... [read more]

Quench Your Thirst With Sweet Iced Tea

Iced Tea with Lemon and mint on a garden table in bright sunshine.
Southerners excel at numerous things, including making sweet tea. You can buy it by the gallon at the grocery store, but it tastes even better when you make it yourself. Check out this recipe for southern sweet iced tea, and then whip up a batch today. Ingredients and Equipment for Southern... [read more]

Water Activities To Enjoy This Season

Man wakeboarding at the lake
Vacation awaits — summertime is almost here! It's time to take your well-earned paid time off, and head to the nearest lake or beach to bask in the sun. Although, taking a dip in the water, relaxing on a float, or swimming laps can get old after a while, so... [read more]