Discover The History Of Ayden

history of Ayden
Do you ever wonder about what it would have been like to have lived in Ayden long ago? You love living here now, but that doesn’t mean that Ayden hasn’t gone through some pretty significant changes. Learning about the history of an area is a fantastic way to foster a... [read more]

Visit Bum’s Restaurant For Delicious BBQ

Bum’s Restaurant
Every once in a while, you probably get a craving for some good barbecue. But you know that not every barbecue place is going to make the cut. After all, you want the good stuff, so you shouldn’t settle for anything subpar. Therefore, you need to make plans to come out... [read more]

Visit The Greenville Museum Of Art

Greenville Museum of Art
Do you ever wish you had more access to art in your life? Sure, you may listen to music or go see a play from time to time, but it can be difficult to work visual art into your busy life. You may think you have to travel all the... [read more]

In A Time Crunch? Try One Of These Last-Minute DIY Costumes

DIY costume
It happens every year… You always say you’re going to find a costume for yourself or your kids before it gets too close to Halloween, and then there you are, finding yourself without a costume at the last minute again. Don’t feel bad about it – it can happen to... [read more]

Pick Your Own Pumpkin At Briley’s Farm Market

Briley’s Farm Market
When fall finally rolls around, you’ll probably want to start making your home as cozy as you can. There’s a lot to do. Maybe you’d like to start decorating, or maybe you want to bake a pumpkin pie. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of pumpkins on deck... [read more]

Grab Some Pizza Tonight

You may be trying to be healthy and eat better, but that doesn’t mean that you always want to go home and make a big dinner after you get home from a busy day of work or school. And during times like those, there’s nothing better than a pizza. But... [read more]

Best Haunted Houses Near Ayden

For many, the best part of the Halloween season is the thrills and chills of haunted houses. Lucky for these brave folks, there are many spots around Ayden to get your frightful fun on! Nights of Fright This attraction in Chocowinity is guaranteed to provide plenty of spooky fun. Take a scary... [read more]

Try Something New At Jack Brown’s Beer And Burger Joint!

Jack Brown's
Burgers... there's just nothing like them. If you don't already, there's a new experience in town that is designed to make you crave these bad boys daily! Keep reading to get the juicy details, then head that way for the best burger of your life! Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint... [read more]

Make Plans To Attend The Ghoulish Gallop!

Ghoulish Gallop
This year’s Ghoulish Gallop is shaping up to be better than ever! In addition to the 5K and 1-mile fun run/walk, this year a Stick Horse Jump Off has been added. Participants can bring their own decorated stick horse or borrow one from the “corral” for an amusing race around... [read more]